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Post by MinifigDesigner on Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:11 am

Yo, this topic is for the gaming side of Pokémon, where you can discuss your favorite spin-offs, main series games, and even trade Friend Codes and such for trading and battling. Or even just talk about your favorite types, Pokémons, etc. Smile

To start us off, what's your favorite installation?

As for me, I think my favorite Pokémon version in terms of replay value and such is Soul Silver. Long storyline, most excellent post-story content by far, and a great mix of nostalgia and innovation. I love it a ton. Razz

In terms of competitive battling, however, I'd definitely say ORAS (although X/Y started it) because of how much more accessible breeding and training Pokémon is now. FAR less of a hassle now, lol.

Anyway, share your thoughts! Very Happy

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