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Post by Jkwaffle on Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:24 pm

If you have a question about a rule or how it is applied, please ask a staff member.

1. Please respect the staff and their decisions. If you have an issue with a staff member's ruling, please privately discuss it with them. If it continues to be an issue, discuss it with an Administrator.

2. Absolutely nothing may go above a PG-13 rating.

3. No flaming. Arguments and debates are one thing, but when a discussion deteriorates to name calling and verbal abuse, a Staff member will have to step in, and punishments will be dealt with accordingly, depending on the severity of the situation.

4. No swearing or extremely crude language. This includes "censoring" with asterisks (*) or other symbols, it is simply not tolerated. (Fake swear words, such as dang, crap, blast, etc. are tolerated. If you are uncertain if a word is considered to be a swear word, ask an Admin.)

5. This includes swearing or saying rude/abusive things in foreign or fake(Fictional, such as from Star Wars or Star Trek) languages. You are ONLY allowed to speak in a foreign or fake language if the majority of the people on the chat are fluent in that language. If a non-speaker of that language asks you to stop, please respect that request, as this is a primarily English-speaking site.

6. No trolling, screamer videos, or anything else deliberately meant to deceive or anger people.

7. No linking to or referencing illegal and/or inappropriate sites.

8. Do not give your full name, address, telephone number, or any other private information.

9. No discussion of illegal activities.

10. No blatant advertizing. It's one thing to send someone a link to a site because you think it'd interest them, or if it relates to the discussion. However, randomly making posts with no purpose other than to advertize will not be allowed. If you wish to make a topic advertizing a site you own or are a part of, then please talk to one of the admins about it, and they will discuss it.

11. Only one account per user. Multiple accounts are not permitted, and abuse of this will result in all accounts being banned.

12. Any pictures or videos of extreme gore or sexually explicit activities will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Other protocols(Things that are not technically rules, but we ask you to follow for the convenience of everyone on the forum), and clarifications:

1. Avoid one word posts and posts that are nothing but emotes, these are considered spam.

2. In that same regard, if you're not sure what's being talked about, look at the topic title. That should tell you a chunk of it. If it doesn't, just look back a bit. Only if you need to look back a lot should you ask what's being talked about. Otherwise, just randomly saying "What are you talking about" or something along those lines will be considered spam.

3. Please keep double posting to a minimum. Only double post when it has a point. For example, if in one post you are mentioning one thing about a topic, and then a little while latter you make a double post, but it's talking about a completely different aspect of that same topic, it will not (usually) be considered bad. However, if you are just adding on to a previous point, please make use of the "edit" button.

4. Any topic that is open/able to be posted in, feel free to post in. If we feel a topic has been around for a very long time/needs to be archived, we will lock it and move it into the archives. Otherwise, if you want to discuss something, and see there is already a topic for it but no one has posted in it for months, feel free to go ahead and post in it if it is open.

5. Please do not make duplicate topics. Before making a topic, look through some of the other topics to make sure there is not already a topic discussing that particular subject you wish to speak about.

6.Keep quoting to a minimum. With as small of a member base as we currently have, you can easily respond to someone by simply saying that person's username. For example, if I am in a discussion with JJ, but let's say Roxus says something in the topic before I do, and I only want to respond to JJ's point, I can simply say "@ JJS" at the beginning of my post. If I want to speak to Roxus in the same post, after I make my point to JJS, I can simply say "@ Roxus" before I begin talking specifically to him.

7. No extremely large gifs or images in sigs. If your sig is deemed too large by the staff, we will ask you to put it in spoiler tags.

8. All rules must be followed, both on the forum, as well as the chatbox. However, while posts on the forum are more fully discussed with the entirety of the staff, any rule breaking on the chat is punished immediately at the discretion of whichever staff member is on at the time. As stated earlier, if you have an issue with a staff member's decision, please take it up with them respectively and calmly, in a private manner. If they are not being respectful to you in return, we ask that you let an administrator know immediately.

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